Saturday, 21 November 2020

Eco-Friendly Ganesh - Clay Pillaiyar

Hello friends,

On my blog today I am sharing a cute Ganesh! This Pillaiyar (Ganeshji) was designed especially for kids, so that they can make their own homemade Ganesh for Ganesh Chathurthy. This can be made both with clay or flour dough or with a mix of turmeric and flour, all this made at home.

This method requires very less experience with clay and it starts by making balls from clay for each of the body parts of Ganesh, (3 big balls - head, body & trunk, 6 small balls - 2 ears, 2 hands, 2 legs) and finally 1 different colour ball for the crown. 


You can also decorate the crown with stones or button. Further the extra things needed are white clay for laddoo, a white thread, and tooth picks for tusk.

We did for our little ones during our zoom session and they loved it to bits. 

Here is a pic of my Pillaiyar made with turmeric and flour. The eyes are made with pepper. Nothing here is harmful or non-recyclable. Makes me very happy. :)

An eco-friendly Pillaiyar. 
Lets be more responsible and Lets make the world green!!



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