Friday, 29 August 2014

Happy lil' Minions!!!

Hello people...

Today am happy to share few pics from my daughter's 4th bday. The theme we had was from "Despicable Me"- Minions and the colours Yellow & Blue.

The Invites

I made these minions invites and they are easy pull out cards The yellow cards can be pulled out from the black base, sorry forgot to take a pic of that. I had fun making these

Favour Boxes

These pillow boxes could easily be my favourite as its easy to make the results are always awesome. The kids were happy and surprised with their gifts


\The cake and cookies were custom made and they were fabulous. The cupcakes were made at home and i jazed it up with cupcake toppers

Minion \Cookies

Large Theme Rossetes

See the large rosettes.... well i went a lil crazy making them, super easy to do and fills a large place for deco. I made several combos, layering, alternating and in various sizes.... filled the entire house with it

THE minion

And atlast here is my Happy lil Minion <3 <3 <3
Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, 25 August 2014

A Book themed Explosion box

Hi there...

This time i got a different request for an explosion box for a friend who is crazy about books. And here is what i came up with.

I had a couple of ideas for the centre but this is what i liked the best- a stack of books with a cup of coffee on it. looks good right? For the books i used the styrofoam that comes as a  packing material- it was white, layered, holded firm and perfect for this. The cup is a 3D quilled one.

The layout
Loved the colour combo too, both bold colours. Coordinating colours for each panel is what takes a long time. Once the base work is done, then u finish it in a jiffy.

Another View

Below is the some of the different panels. The centre pic has too bookmarks. Since it was book themed, i decided to go with a couple of bookmarks. The first one is actually a magnetic bookmark and the second is a book corner. So basically a gift inside a gift :)

So how do u think this is people. I sure had fun doing something different. 
And thanks for stopping by my blog. Dont forget to enter ur names for the giveaway. Its open till sep 10th. Try ur luck.

See u soon again

Entering this for 

Allsorts Challenge - Warm Sunshiny colours
Creative corner Challenges - Girly
Lessology - # 39 Fluttering Butterflies (2 butterflies on a panel, recycled styrofoam for books and old invite for box top)
Delightful Challenges - School Daze (book stack, book worm, bookmarks)
Try it on Tuesday Use ur Stash (recycled Styrofoam for the books)
Seize the Birthday - ATG

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Yippee.... Blog Candy!!

Hello people

Welcome to my 101st post!
Hope i continue blogging with as much enthu as i had on my 1st blog post. And sorry for the late post again. I had a new logo designed for the blog, so i thought this would be an appropriate time for using it, that is why the couple of days delay. Coming to the point, this blog candy had been on my mind for a long time but due to time constraint i wasn't able to come up with this sooner.

Add this image to your sidebar or Timeline

When i first started blogging each & every comment was soo exciting(it still is). I can still remember Snehal Welde, Dr. Sonia, Deepti, Sindhu & few were among the first to comment and it really was soo thrilling. Also the constant encouragement i got from fellow crafters.... i means a lot to me. So this blog candy is a token of thanks to all my friends and well wishers.

And the candy...

The first lucky duck gets a yummy Rs. 600 GV from Priya's The Craft Shop. And if i get more than 20 entries then ill choose a second winner who will get a Rs. 400 Gift Voucher. If not then the GV goes to any of my favourite person. The link closes on 10th Sep, and ill announce the winners on 14th Sep. Guess what, We complete 5 yrs of matrimony, something more to celebrate right. Perfect timings!!

Let me try to keep it simple.

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Add my 'Blog Giveaway' image to your sidebar (with a link back to my blog)
3. Add a small note of my giveaway in any of your blog post, no need of a separate post (this is imp bcos most of our sidebars are always cluttered with too many images)
4. If you also post this image on your FB timeline along with a link to my blog, then YOU can add your name twice into the name pool.
5. Keep the FB setting in 'Public' while you post

Thats it guys. Have fun & keep crafting. Now go ahead and link up!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

'Getting to know me' bloghop

Hello people...

Am so happy as i write this blog post. THIS IS MY 100th post people. And what better way to do it than by having an opportunity to tell a little about myself and also to announce a blog Candy(my first ever). So lets take it slowly from here guys.

First i would like to thank Sindhu from Colors of Crafty world for tagging me in this interesting blog hop. I was a little busy last week so i missed a couple of other requests. Thank you everyone who considered me a friend and a worthy crafter to be tagged.
So about Sindhu, she is one of the few people with whom i got connected as soon as i started the blog last year. And if u visit her blog ull immediately get to know that most of her projects has 'Utility' as the main concept. And she brings such beauty and creativity into everyday items like penstands, photoframes, School projects, etc. I love the way she conceptualises for a particular challenge. Do drop by her blog to see her creative work.

And now the part about me, hope i dont bore you guys out. Ill keep it short and sweet. So i am basically a B.Tech cum MBA grad and also a mother of a 4 year old girl and 2 yr old boy. I have been into various crafts as far as i remember and i always had the ability to come up with a quick card with bare essentials, but this serious paper crafting started with my little girls' first bday party, and when i hit a few blogs for reference there was no turning back. I was pleasantly surprised that i never knew such a community existed. And now I have been crafting on commission sometime from last sep. Its been a nice experience to make these customised stuff and the best part is the appreciation, not to mention the extra bucks to do a little more shopping ;)

About my style of crafting, I simply am hooked on to making fun folds and anything interactive, it always has the surprise element. Also i love doing baby projects (who doesnt). Below are some of my work

Explosion Boxes

Flowers & Interactive Projects


Now about a little behind the scenes.... I am a compulsive crafter and certainly not a punctual one. Most of the time you can find me sitting in the middle of my mess trying and playing around with embellishments. I always tend to find the right combination just at the last minute. I can just never let go of a project till i am completely satisfied. Basically i am a very neat person, more towards like OCD but wen it comes to crafting, i am messy, very messy.

And about my inspiration for crafting, am not going to say nature, flowers, and similar things, for me it is the beautiful work i see on Pinterest, Youtube, FB, blogs, etc. I never have a vision of my finished card or project, so to me each moment is exciting while i craft, but truly time consuming.

And my style of crafting is like 'Detailed', i love adding a lot of details everywer, neat & detailed. I find CAS the most tough though. It simply pains my heart to leave soo much vast empty spaces :) Thats jus me, but i look with awe the people who can actually put so many details in CAS. My friends say that am good at explosion boxes so if u are new to my blog you shud check out some samples, i love making them- customising each panel and finding ways to do it differently. 

So thats it, thats me...

Now i would love to tag Juhi from Juhi's Handmade cards
Am sure every paper crafter would have surely visited her. To say the least she s my idol. It was from her blog that i first looked at our community and it gives me pleasure to tag her. Thanks a lot Juhi for accepting my request. Do drop by her blog... ull find awesomeness!!

And people dis post has bcom a lil lengthy, so come back for my next post for the Blog Candy details. I hav completed 100 posts and more than a year of blogging. So we shud be celebrating, shud'nt we?

See you all pretty soon again(like tom). Be ready, dont miss my next post.
Till then happy crafting,


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