Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fresh floral Jewelry

Hello folks...

its been ages since i blogged. Today i have something interesting and different from cards and paper craft. Yes, its my first try with fresh floral jewelry. I designed and laboured over it for a whole night. Here are the pics first,

Ok as you see the various floral ornaments i made are
Hip chain, 
Vangi (upper arm), 
Nethi Chutti (forehead chain), 
Hair accessories 

The main flower ingredient is Nandhiyavattai (tamil), Moonbeam or wax flower in english and Chandni in Hindi. I also used Rose petals, few beads and golden lace along with it. 

The flowers look like jasmine because they were harvested as small buds. This adds to the beauty and sturdiness. First i made a lot of strings with the white flower and then put the parts together. It was time consuming and fun and interesting too.

The Dollars/pendants took the most time. First i started with the golden cloth and threaded it to make it look like a flower, then layered it with white flower, rose petals, golden bead and finally a red one. I loved it. Dint know my first experience would turn out satisfactory. My favourite though were the earrings, i bought a plain hoop earring and threaded the flowers directly to it. It suited my lil gal very much.

Thanks for dropping in my blog, hope u liked it. Do drop your comments and experience on fresh flower jewelry. Any tips and techniques are also welcome.

Hoping to blog more. It clears my mind and gives a lil peace time.

Bye bye

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

1st bday Invites

Hello all

Happy to post again, hoping to make it a habit again. So today are some 1st bday invites made to order recently. Here are the pics first

Its a pretty simple and easy to do one. But i liked the concept a lot. The number '1' is handcut. I dint have a die for numbers so i cut it by hand and glittered it myself. It is quiet easy to glitter with local glitters. Fevicol in one plate and glitter on another plate. Actually i dint have time to buy glittered sheets, it was a last minute one, so i went in for handcut and self glittered 1s. Though this saves you a lot.

First rounded and distressed the edges, then the golden thread was tied three times around the card and arranged neatly, then stuck the '1' on top of it.


I liked this concept a lot that i tried it for my son's bday too, with spiderman theme. Coming soon in the next post. Hope you liked it today. Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mangalyaan Model

Hi everybody,

a big hello to all. I know i have been missing from blogland for more than 3 months. April and May we had summer camp for kids where we did LOTS of projects. But for now am going to share one of my favorites. My daughter had a 'Speech with Property' competition last year and the property we chose was 'Mangalyaan'. And here is the model i did.

Front view- Mangalyaan

Mangalyaan model

Top view-Mangalyaan

The model is based on the numerous photographs available and i have tried to replicate as much as possible. The blue squares are the solar panels. The central cube is designed to show the payloads and the propellant tank. And the large circle is the antenna. 

I started off by making the central cube which is very much similar to an explosion box. I kept adding other elements by trial and error. A lot of recycled stuff like an empty pen without refill, half a gems box, box lid, etc has been used. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Car themed Invite-Pop up Slider card

Hello sweet friends

Here is an old project to share. I made this nearly an year back for my sister's son 2nd bday. He is going to be 3 soon. It is a pop up card. All the elements are hand cut. 

The black and white checks are stamped repeatedly to give this look. Just loved the matching ribbon. My cousin got me this and i had been hoarding it for a long time.

Card lying flat

The little puffs of smoke are also handcut. All in all its an interactive CAS card ;) I soo wanted to add the traffic lights on the left upper corner.But due to time constraint it cudnt be done :(

The pop up

I also made a name banner in the car shape. The name reads "Hridhay". Further for his bday i made a car shaped wish book which i had already blogged, here is the link to it. This wish book is one of my all time fave.

Car shaped name banner

Thanks a lot for dropping by today to visit me. Each one of ur visits encourages me and motivates me. Thanks for all the support and kind words
Have a great weekend


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Baby Boy Gift Envelop

Hello people

Here is a quick post from me today. I made this Money Envelop for a friend's baby. It was put together pretty quickly but i loved the effect it had. Usually we gift money when we dont know what wud be the right gift for the recipient. But gifting money in a personalised manner does add interest.

The sentiment is stamped and fussy cut and the stars are paper pierced from a pp. I simply love banners. U can say i am a banner addict. To me a project is incomplete without a banner. 
Other embellishments are white lace, washi tapes and a wooden 'baby'. The base is fabriano card stock

It is my first try at envelop making. I loved it and hoping to make many more.
Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog. Your words are my encouragement and inspiration. Thanks everyone.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

All Pinky 'Card in a Box'

Hello there crafters....

Hope everyone out there are busy as bees. Ok today s post is a Card in a Box. It was for a lil girl and so i added lots of pink in it. Girls and Pink.... it was always a great combo but now a days girls once into the teens want to distance themselves from "Pink" cos i guess pink screams cute cuddly and a baby all over. This is because i got a couple of requests for 15 16 year old girls asking kindly avoid pink :)
Here is my all pinky card for a 9 yr old :) Have a look

Front View

Side View

The popping elements i have added here are few but take a look at the 3d banner i have added. Do u know how i created it? I took a curvy strip of transparent sheet and stuck the lil triangles to it, then added lil bows at the end. Then to this set up i added tooth picks to act as poles. You might get a look at the tooth picks in the first pic and the next one. Simply loved it, i should have taken a individual pic of it i guess

The popping elements

I have paper pierced the tatty bear from a PP and added 3d elements to it, Lil glittery stars and bday hats. And to the back side i have added another sentiment and left some space for personal message.

The back view

And finally i made a coordinating box cover for it, all pinky again ;)

The box cover

That is all for today, hope u enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day


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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Classic Colours- Black & Maroon

Well well well.... keeping up with posting regularly on blog.  Its been a long time since i had posted any Explosion boxes, so here is one. And it is in the beautiful colours of black and maroon.

I have worked with the ribbons to give it a pleated look, used my glue gun for this. It requires a lotta patience but in the end it is totally worth it.  Have a look, i have given the same pleated finish on the inside for the tag pockets too.

Surprise box inside

Top view when u open the surprise box

I always love putting a lil surprise inside my boxes and this one is a perfect surprise with flowers and wishes. Below pic shows a closer look. "Happy 1st Anniversary"

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope u enjoyed it.
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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bunch of Bananas- Fancy Dress Costume

Hello dear friends

Today i am posting an idea for a fancy dress costume. There are a lot of pictures and costumes available for 'Banana' fancy dress. But i wanted to do something by myself and something differently.
The Grapes costume done with balloons is a common one now. My idea originated from that. Instead of round balloons, i choose the elongated balloons (as shown). Sourcing these balloons in a single colour might be a problem but the good news is that a single balloons can be cut into 3 or 4 pieces, ie a single balloon will give you 3 to 4 bananas. Yeah it is a little hard work pumping all those balloons and knotting it but it sure gives a great look

Here is my son with his banana costume. As a final touch, paint the bananas very lightly with black paint and also the tip. It looks just like a real one.

Finally pin the lil bananas with a small golden safety pin to a yellow top and a matching pant. Make sure to arrange the bananas row by row so that u get a even look.

This particular picture is from the event itself. He wore a brown woolen cap to represent the crown of a bunch of bananas, complete with a yellow sock.

The elongated balloons

Hope it was useful to you. I had lots of fun doing it and the kids enjoyed flaunting it.
Thanks for dropping by. See you soon again


Monday, 2 February 2015

Travel Album

Hi there...

Am not anywere near changing my sluggish way around blogland. I am very random in dropping my ur blogs too... but my! wonderful creations... unimaginable creativity.... beautiful inspirations. I wonder how people manage two worlds. I end up soo tired at the end of the day- kids, house work, craft orders, math classes in the evening and social commitments(uff). But the pleasure from crafting, yes it is there as i craft a lot. Just no time to blog. In the end all my new creations end up in my FB page and none here, which is just not so good.

Ok here i am with one new Travel album for a client. I loved it soo much that i wanted to keep it for myself ;) Anyway its just the cover page today.

Front View

The base is a self designed handmade sheet, just the way i needed it-rugged and vintage. I just played around the embellies and atlast found the right place for everything. The orange sheet below is a burlap, love the texture. The clock epoxy sticker is a fav of mine. I have been hoarding it for a long time. And its perfect for this months LESSology theme #44-Tick Tock.

The list of items i have recycled here are the buttons(from a old screen cloth) the small jute threads attached to the buttons and the brown jute twine, its called 'chanal' in my local slang and used in packaging. U can find a lot here.

View of the tabs

The sticker are free downloads, printed on glossy art sheets. I find this pretty cost effective rather than purchasing branded sticker packs.

Side View

Hope u enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for dropping by. See you soon.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Multifold Card

Hi people

Here is a multi fold card or u can even call a mini album :)
It was a special request for the engagement ceremony. It was the first marriage in the family of my client where the bride and groom dint know about each other. I know... its peculiar. They usually marry within relation it seems. So this a first for them that the bride and groom are complete strangers. So i was requested for a project where the couple could jolt down their likes and dislikes about each other, dat is basically get to know each other.
And this is wat i came up with.
A mini full of heart shaped tags for lil notes. Check it out

I liked the title.. wat abt u?

First fold

Second fold

Third fold

Third fold (2nd album)- central panel for photo

4th fold

5th fold- full open

Another fold

Both the albums were more or less the same with few changes. It was real bulky. A total of 20 tags could be accommodated in the pockets for each album. All the tags are heart shaped, forgot to click a pic with all the tags pulled out. I have used border punches for few of the pockets
I wanted to put a lot of flowers but the pages were too bulky and so i kept it simple with a single TH tattered floral. The flower centre are adorned with small beads, very small ones.
The couple loved it and i am happy.

Thanks for dropping by. 
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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Floral Arch!!

Hi again

A quick post again today. Ill be sharing many projects which i missed sharing here. I wonder if many would have heard about 'Aarathi plates'. Its a tamil custom during the wedding. We welcome the bridegroom just before wedding with these decorative plates and by applying tilak on his forehead. Its become fashion to decorate the plates according to a particular theme.

The theme here was Peacock. I chose the peacock colours of blue, gree n and gold and made a floral arch with it. It sure was back breaking work. All the flowers are handmade using itsy bitsy daisy die. I had to make around 35-40 flowers to make an arch without any gaps. 

I also used cherry lynn olive branches for leaves and pearls and pollens as fillers. The base of the arch is done using metal strings usually used for flower making. 

Hope u liked it and thanks for all the New Year wishes everyone. Wish u all a happy crafty year ahead!!!


Friday, 2 January 2015

A huge photo frame!!

Hello ppl...

Wish u all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015!!

Here is my first post for the year... a photo frame. It measures 12 * 12 inches. And the frame is purely handmade including the base. Here are the pics

I have taken a red corrugated sheet for the base. The pretty yellow daisies are from TH tattered florals, i have done the centre with small brown crystals. 

See this pretty wood veneer... loved it to bits. I bought it from Shailey Agarwal, Chennai. I had been waiting for a project to use it and this one seemed right. Just adorned it with small pretty flowers and leaves.
And some doiles and metal charms... and we are done

Here is the base i made, i used wooden cardboard used for packaging, and the stands are made from cardboards too. Gave it a finished look using washis and varnish.

I also made a box to go along with it, PP, laces, washis and ribbons for it. I loved how it turned out. Thats it for today. Hope you all liked it.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a great year ahead.


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