Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fresh floral Jewelry

Hello folks...

its been ages since i blogged. Today i have something interesting and different from cards and paper craft. Yes, its my first try with fresh floral jewelry. I designed and laboured over it for a whole night. Here are the pics first,

Ok as you see the various floral ornaments i made are
Hip chain, 
Vangi (upper arm), 
Nethi Chutti (forehead chain), 
Hair accessories 

The main flower ingredient is Nandhiyavattai (tamil), Moonbeam or wax flower in english and Chandni in Hindi. I also used Rose petals, few beads and golden lace along with it. 

The flowers look like jasmine because they were harvested as small buds. This adds to the beauty and sturdiness. First i made a lot of strings with the white flower and then put the parts together. It was time consuming and fun and interesting too.

The Dollars/pendants took the most time. First i started with the golden cloth and threaded it to make it look like a flower, then layered it with white flower, rose petals, golden bead and finally a red one. I loved it. Dint know my first experience would turn out satisfactory. My favourite though were the earrings, i bought a plain hoop earring and threaded the flowers directly to it. It suited my lil gal very much.

Thanks for dropping in my blog, hope u liked it. Do drop your comments and experience on fresh flower jewelry. Any tips and techniques are also welcome.

Hoping to blog more. It clears my mind and gives a lil peace time.

Bye bye

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