Saturday, 25 January 2014

Humpty Dumpty Fancy dress Costume

Hi all

Today am sharing a humpty dumpty costume made at home. It was for my lil girl who participated in an inter-school competition. Here is the pic

Here are a few tidbits on how i made this
- The base is double layered packaging cardboard box
- Instead of pasting the humpty with the wall.... i hav secured both the pieces with a cloth belt, so that if needed later i can reuse the humpty alone without the wall. 
- I hav added black socks and baby booties for the 'leg'
- Also i added broad ropes to secure it with her at two places, behind the neck and at the waist. 

All my hoarded handmade sheets came to my rescue. For the wall, the base is a white sheet on which i hav placed the hand cut red rectangles. A bow, buttons, hat and feathers to complete it. Hope this helps some mom in need for fancy dress ideas

Thanks for dropping by today. Have a great day ahead


  1. sweet costume sujana :) nice details.. She is cute in the costume :)

  2. Oh this one is fantastic!!! You are super creative Sujana!!!

  3. Wow.. So cute..Your execution is so neat Sujana..

  4. wow great work cute to your little one....

  5. This is a fab job, Sujana..A very creative mother, I am sure your kiddo must have enjoyed it :)

  6. So very creative of you Sujana ..I love this whole idea and how you have created this costume ..Its brilliant work !!


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