Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wish cards !!!

Hi again...

I have never heard of wish cards till i was requested one recently. Its a pretty simple concept, a bundle of small cards for everyone to write wishes or one card each for a special memory from the same person.    


I found an old heart shaped gift perfect to hold the wish cards, so with a cute pic of the bday gal and a few flowers it was complete. This simple project turned out prettier than i thought. Hope u liked it.

Happy monday folks, hope its crafty all through the week.


  1. Wonderful,I loved this wish card concept !

  2. really simple but very very sweet.....lovely do-able idea, Sujana !!

  3. Beautiful cards, Sujana. Even I haven't heard of them :) Liked all the ribbons you've used. Each one is unique :)


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