Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bunch of Bananas- Fancy Dress Costume

Hello dear friends

Today i am posting an idea for a fancy dress costume. There are a lot of pictures and costumes available for 'Banana' fancy dress. But i wanted to do something by myself and something differently.
The Grapes costume done with balloons is a common one now. My idea originated from that. Instead of round balloons, i choose the elongated balloons (as shown). Sourcing these balloons in a single colour might be a problem but the good news is that a single balloons can be cut into 3 or 4 pieces, ie a single balloon will give you 3 to 4 bananas. Yeah it is a little hard work pumping all those balloons and knotting it but it sure gives a great look

Here is my son with his banana costume. As a final touch, paint the bananas very lightly with black paint and also the tip. It looks just like a real one.

Finally pin the lil bananas with a small golden safety pin to a yellow top and a matching pant. Make sure to arrange the bananas row by row so that u get a even look.

This particular picture is from the event itself. He wore a brown woolen cap to represent the crown of a bunch of bananas, complete with a yellow sock.

The elongated balloons

Hope it was useful to you. I had lots of fun doing it and the kids enjoyed flaunting it.
Thanks for dropping by. See you soon again



  1. Wow!! Wonderful work!!
    My son, sitting next to me said: "Banana dress" looking at your son's picture Sujana. :) So very well done :) I really appreciate your patience!!

  2. Oh Wow !! fabulous idea and execution Sujana ..You always come up with such unique easy to do ideas ..Thank you so much for sharing ..i loved it :)

  3. Wow.. Sujana...banana looks so real..Loved it..

  4. how adorable your baby looks. Thanks for such awesome ideas. I may need them soon. ;)

  5. This is so cute.. I remember dressing my son for grapes in fancy dress competition..

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