Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vegetable Printing

Hello again...

This post is about a vegetable printing project that we, (me & my daughter) practiced for a competition.

This is jus one of the practices she had a few days before the D day. Here she has used 9 diff veggies. Here is the list
Tree - Drumstick
Tree trunk - Vertically cut ladies finger
Grass - Broccoli
Lady bud - Small Potato & carrot tip of the dots
Butterfly - Single heart carved into a Potato. 
Flowers - Horizontally cut ladies finger
Sun - Big Bitter gourd
Rainbow - 5 pieces of watermelon (one for each colour)

She jus 31/2 and i was really proud that she cud do dis relatively complicated piece of veg printing for her age. Thanks for hopping by here and showing some love



  1. Sujana I am so impressed !! your daughter has done a fabulous job with this vegetable painting:)..At 3 1/2 years she is showing so much talent!! .. I can totally see her following in your crafty footsteps :)

  2. Lovely work by your cute little one...Loved it..Will try Printing with drum stick with my son..Try to link it to Artsy craftsy challenge..

  3. So cute!! And incredible of your little one doing this at such an age...she definitely has an eye for crafty out mum, she'll be after your supplies in a few years!!! :)


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