Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Thanks Coach!!

Hi there again

Today my post is a swing card, i love interactive cards, and this one is pretty easy to make. First lets have a look at the card,

Swing card - Front view

Sorry for the bad pics. It was a last minute card for our coach and i dint have much time to click a decent pic. So my hubby did the honours. 
If u remember, both the Pair of skates and the Figure skater are Cameo cut and it was my first cut. Also the sentiment ' Thanks Coach" and the border is cameo cut.

Inside- front view

As i said, this was for our Skating Coach Mr. Pavan. Only because of his coaching and support did my daughter Uthrah win laurels at state championship. Here are a couple of he snaps.

Thanks for dropping in today. Have a happy crafty week. Bye bye



  1. Congratulations to Cute Uthrah !! I loved the Flip-flop card a lot Sujana ,its perfect for the coach.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter and I love the card you made for her coach. I'm sure he must have appreciated your efforts a lot :)

  3. congrats Uthrah..great achievement..keep rocking..

    great card also...

  4. Wow! Hearty congratulations to dear Uthrah. She's such a talented little lady. :)
    I love your card as well as the gesture. Very creative and apt for a skating coach.

  5. Congrats Uthrah..Perfect card for a coach...


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