Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mangalyaan Model

Hi everybody,

a big hello to all. I know i have been missing from blogland for more than 3 months. April and May we had summer camp for kids where we did LOTS of projects. But for now am going to share one of my favorites. My daughter had a 'Speech with Property' competition last year and the property we chose was 'Mangalyaan'. And here is the model i did.

Front view- Mangalyaan

Mangalyaan model

Top view-Mangalyaan

The model is based on the numerous photographs available and i have tried to replicate as much as possible. The blue squares are the solar panels. The central cube is designed to show the payloads and the propellant tank. And the large circle is the antenna. 

I started off by making the central cube which is very much similar to an explosion box. I kept adding other elements by trial and error. A lot of recycled stuff like an empty pen without refill, half a gems box, box lid, etc has been used. 


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