Tuesday, 14 July 2015

1st bday Invites

Hello all

Happy to post again, hoping to make it a habit again. So today are some 1st bday invites made to order recently. Here are the pics first

Its a pretty simple and easy to do one. But i liked the concept a lot. The number '1' is handcut. I dint have a die for numbers so i cut it by hand and glittered it myself. It is quiet easy to glitter with local glitters. Fevicol in one plate and glitter on another plate. Actually i dint have time to buy glittered sheets, it was a last minute one, so i went in for handcut and self glittered 1s. Though this saves you a lot.

First rounded and distressed the edges, then the golden thread was tied three times around the card and arranged neatly, then stuck the '1' on top of it.


I liked this concept a lot that i tried it for my son's bday too, with spiderman theme. Coming soon in the next post. Hope you liked it today. Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Invies are so cute Sujana...I too love playing with glitters..


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