Saturday, 25 October 2014

Model of a Bag Scanning Machine

Hi folks...

Hope everyone had a blast for Diwali. Here is a different post from me. I made this Display model for my son- a Bag scanning machine and he is studying in Nursery!!!! I wonder if he even understands the concepts. They are learning about Air transport and this comes under Airport Security.
Anyway here is the model

The Model with the model ;)

I converted an old carton box for this project. The plank holding the bags is a foam board. And the corners are taped with washis.

Origami Handbag

This origami handbag was the one thing that took a long time to make but once you do it, you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. I added OHP sheets in strips to represent the screen.

Tray that holds watches, Belts, Mobiles & Wallet

Its just the conception of an idea. Once i got the idea of how to execute the model, it was pretty easy. This can even be easily changed to a working model but for now its just a display model. Hope you found it good and it could even help someone with their project.

Nice blogging today after long. Have a happy sunday. bye


  1. OMG this is just wow !! the whole idea and the way you have executed it is simply brilliant sujana ..Both your children are so lucky to have a mom like you :)

  2. this is stunning suja and your son is so cute

  3. This is a brilliant eay of teaching your kids. . I wish I could get my daughter to get a sneak peak at that. . Love it

  4. Simply stunning Sujana! Brilliant!


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