Saturday, 27 September 2014

Magazine Holder

Hi all

Today am sharing a handmade Magazine holder which i actually used as a display for fliers. This is purely inspired from Hussena's Magazine holder. Her post was just in time for my needs. Thanks a lot Hussena for your inputs. I made two holders right from scratch and it has double layers to make it sturdy and strong. Here are the pics

Here the flower is made of black jute and pink corrugated sheet with TH tattered florals. 

Here the stars are cut out from a similar pp as the base. The top 3 are washis and a pink lace lines the sides of the holder.
Am hoping to make some more of these holders. Once you get the hang of it, it was pretty easy. Hope you liked it. So which one is your fav?

See you soon again.


  1. Sujana, both your magazine holders look so beautiful! I am so happy my post was able to help and inspire you. So happy that you solved the weight problem by double backing the paper. Superb work and what a fabulous way to use up the Washi's in a trendy way !!!

  2. Very beautiful Sujana! Is that sentiment a stamp? I like the colorful projects of yours always, as I'm finding myself working with only one or two colours at a time :)

  3. You are a STAR :) Loved the second one :)

  4. They are Beautiful both designs..

  5. Wonderful !! I loved both of them. This is such a useful and creative upcycling idea.

  6. Very beautiful holders Sujana..


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