Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A quickie Photo frame

Hello everyone....

Today am sharing a photo frame i made recently. I whipped it up in barely 30min for one of my friends' birthday. Here is a look at it

Its a pretty quick and easy one as you can see. The shine you see on the flower is ModPodge. From the time i laid my hands on it, i have been using it for most projects. My main utility of ModPodge is i use it for water proofing and as a sealant.
Also if anyone knows a good source of ribbons and laces online, do suggest me. Local sources are not reliable and they run out pretty quickly. 

Finally i would like to thank everyone who had linked up for the blog candy. The link will be closing in a couple of hours so those who havnt linked up, hurry. Click here for details

Thanks again for dropping by.


  1. Cute frame Sujana.. Red flower and laces are lovely 30 mins you organised the frame in a cute manner.. :)

  2. Beautiful Photo frame Sujana ..i love that flower and the way it glitters :)
    Regarding inline stores which sell ribbons I think you will find them In Kavi's store :
    With Reena at Craftigeneous :
    Tarvina at crafting Essentials : are a few of them .

  3. Beautiful frame Sujana. Put together in a very short time! Looks lovely!

  4. Wow ! Lovely frame and in 30 mins its fab..

  5. Can't imagine u did this in 30 mins. The colors and design are adorable. Even im a modge podge fan

  6. Hi Sujana Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary. . :)


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