Friday, 29 August 2014

Happy lil' Minions!!!

Hello people...

Today am happy to share few pics from my daughter's 4th bday. The theme we had was from "Despicable Me"- Minions and the colours Yellow & Blue.

The Invites

I made these minions invites and they are easy pull out cards The yellow cards can be pulled out from the black base, sorry forgot to take a pic of that. I had fun making these

Favour Boxes

These pillow boxes could easily be my favourite as its easy to make the results are always awesome. The kids were happy and surprised with their gifts


\The cake and cookies were custom made and they were fabulous. The cupcakes were made at home and i jazed it up with cupcake toppers

Minion \Cookies

Large Theme Rossetes

See the large rosettes.... well i went a lil crazy making them, super easy to do and fills a large place for deco. I made several combos, layering, alternating and in various sizes.... filled the entire house with it

THE minion

And atlast here is my Happy lil Minion <3 <3 <3
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Happy birthday little dear. suja - your work shows the love towards your daughter.

  2. Happy birthday to your little one :) Her birthday party theme and all that you have created for it is just awesome !!

  3. Wow ! these are awesome Sujana,your Daughter is lucky !! Loved the invites n pillow boxes !

  4. beautifullll..u did fabulous belated wishes to your little one...

  5. your gallery is just very nice .graphics are very nice . your website it just super. best of luck . do come visit me some time. that goes to everybody who see this. WE.HOBBIESANDCRAFTS.NET. and please sign my guestbook at the bottom of my webpage to let me know you came to see me thank you.

  6. Wow!! Love the Minion theme party blue n yellow... cute pull out invitations and all the pillow gift boxes.. Sujana your daughter is so cute..she is soo lucky .. and about the minion cake and cookies they are so the large rosettes too.. :)

  7. Sujana, these little goodies you've made are full of love, creativity and fun. . Wish ur lil one a happy bday, am sure ur invitees were thrilled and pleased with the whole theme u took on. . Love ur invites n cup cakes esp. . God bless.!

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet little one :) She is so cute :) And all your handi works are just amazing!! :). And also inspiring :)

  9. Such a cute cute party theme!! And wishing you little one a very happy birthday!!

  10. Happy Birthday to cute little...Love those invites and name banner..


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