Friday, 11 July 2014

Happiness Box

Hello all

Wondering at the title?? yeah its just an explosion box with the theme as 'Happiness'. But it has an explosion of handmade flowers... hav a look at the pics

The top with handmade roses

The centre has a box to hold a mini cd

The second layer

Few of the panels

Okay these are some of the things done differently. First this box can hold around 30-35 photos and space for 30 wishes or records. All these i hav accommodated through accordion folds and other interactive methods. There are 3 pockets which hold 5 tags each. Further though there are jus 2 layers i hav decorated the back panels of the first layer and so it leaves me with 12 panels and hence space to accommodate a lotta stuff.
Thats it folks. Hope u liked it and thanks a lot for stopping by.


  1. OMG..30-35 photos..Awesome..Sujana back to Explosion boxes :D !!

  2. it is a real treasure box suja, superb idea and project

  3. Just fabulous, Sujana. Always a BIG fan of your work.

    P.S.:- I want to ask you something and I could not find your email id anywhere on you blog. Can you please drop me a mail at ?

  4. Wow...Beautiful and colorful Explosion box Sujana...

  5. Lovely explosion box as always sujana.. :)

  6. Another great box! Sujana, your explosion boxes always have special details!



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