Thursday, 10 October 2013

Recycled Under-Sea School Project

Hello there everyone....

Sharing a project i did for my daughter's gallery walk @ school. Here are the pics,

Its a recycling craft project, the base is a saree box. Attached some fishes with OHP sheet to give it a swimming effect. I have added some stones and shells to the ocean floor and I have spreaded out the sea creatures based on where they belong in the sea - underwater, above, etc. Also i have added some plants in both green and red colour to match the sea plants.
And dat's my sweet daughter explaining the sea creatures, do u see the star badge? She is the star of her class. A proud mommy i am.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. What a fun and neat project! I will have to make one with my son because I know he would love it :) Thanks for sharing, friend. Hugs!

  2. Your daugher is very adorable Sujana ..fantastic project..!

  3. Lovely colorful project!! I'm sure a hard working mum is behind all those stars !! and your daughter looks adorable, proud mom!!........ give her a hug from me !!

  4. Lovely project Sujana....ur daughter is very cute...

  5. Lovely one..little one is so cute..

  6. Nice project and your daughter is very adorable.!!

  7. awww...your daughter's a sweetheart. :) And I'm sure you are a proud mamma of a rockstar daughter..:) The project looks awesome. Very creative idea.

  8. Very beautiful school project on Under Sea. Your children are so lucky for having such talented mom who is so talented and artistic. It is a God's gift to you. Best wishes for your new arts and crafts projects and also to your children.

    Being prepared such versatile arts and crafts, cards making and also preparing some school projects by yourself from my side a small request and suggestion to you. Apart from creating different types and varieties of arts and crafts and quilled material on various themes and particularly you are so much interested in preparing to create school projects also some times please focus on creating some of India's traditional things like school projects on Indian Monuments, Indian Dances, Indian paintings etc. many themes relating to Indian Heritage and Culture because now-a-days people forget about our glorious heritage. Hence atleast some artistic talented people like you take some initiative to preserve our age old arts like these in their own artistic way and showing them to our younger generation Indian children because they are our future Indian citizens who make India proud with their efforts and hence it is our responsibility to educate them about our glorious heritage. I hope you understand what i am saying. But this is my suggestion only.

    On last sunday i am presented my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture to young children. In this seminar i am sharing my paintings and other collections relating to Indian Heritage and explaining children about various aspects of our Heritage and Culture through my collections. Children are eagerly participated in my seminar and they clarified their doubts about our glorious heritage.

    Please look into my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage post and share your valuable and inspirational comment for the same.


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